Girls Aloud

Girls Aloud in 2012
Background information
Origin London, England
Genres Pop, electropop, dance-pop
Years active 2002–2013
Labels JAT Records

Cheryl Atcherley
Nadine Wyss
Sarah Wilson
Nicola Collins
Kimberley Harrison

Girls Aloud are a pop, electropop and dance-pop band based in Birmingham, England. The group consists of Cheryl Atcherley, Nadine Coyle, Sarah Harding, Nicola Roberts and Kimberley Walsh. They are signed to JAT Records. The group achieved a string of twenty-seven top five hits and eighteen reaching number one. They have been nominated for twelve grammies winning ten. Up until 2011 their songs were written by multi-award winning singer-songwriter James Harrison along with Harrison's band mate Andrew Collins. In late 2012 the remaining four members of the band (Nadine, Sarah, Nicola and Kimberley) removed their maiden names to take their husband's name but are still commonlly referred to as the maiden names even by the JAT members who say they aren't used to it yet. With around 1.5 billion sales they are the second best selling artists of all-time. The group split in 2013 to focus on solo careers. Folloinwg this James Harrison announced that the group may reform in a few years.


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Member Roles Tenure Date of Birth Spouse(s) Children Solo Albums Solo Singles Solo UK No.1's
Cheryl Atcherley vocals 2002–2013 30 Jun 1983 (age 29) Thomas Atcherley (2004–) 2 3 7 7
Nadine Wyss vocals 2002–2013 15 Jun 1981(age 31) Jake Wyss (2003–) 3 4 19 18
Sarah Wilson vocals 2002–2013 17 Nov 1981 (age 31) Ryan Wilson    (2002–) 3 1 4 4
Nicola Collins vocals 2002–2013 5 Oct 1985(age 27) Andrew Collins(2004–) 3 2 10 10
Kimberley Harrison vocals 2002–2013 20 Nov 1981 (age 31) James Harrison(2001–) 6 3 14 11

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