JAT - 10 Years On!
Format Reality Television
Directed by Andrew Collins
Starring James Harrison
Andrew Collins
Thomas Atcherley
Jake Wyss
Ryan Wilson
Voices of Alan Dedicoat
Country of origin United Kingdom
Executive producer(s)

Lee Connolly
Claire Horton

Producer(s) James Harrison
Editor(s) Andy Marangon
Dominic Leung
Location(s) Worldwide
Camera setup Multi-camera
Running time

90 minutes

Production company(s)

Hat-Trick Productions

JAT - 10 Years On! was a one-off documentary looking back on the first 10 years of JAT's career. The show looks back at the beginnings with their debut single Earthquake all the way as they prepare to release their fifth studio album 10 years on... in 2006 and the members talk about their favourite moments with the band over the previous 10 years and what their expectations were for the band back in 1996 and what their future ambitions are with the group.

The show also features Girls Aloud as they talk about their collaborations with JAT since 2002 (when Girls Aloud was formed).

In 2016 BBC One will broadcast a 20 years on special of JAT aswell

Broadcast and RatingsEdit

The show was broadcast on 25th June 2006, 10 years after JAT's debut single was released on BBC One. It attracted an estimated 32.5 Million viewers a 67.4% share of the audience.



Special GuestsEdit

All were interviewed about their opinions on JAT