The X Factor
Celebrities Series 1
Broadcast from 14 July ( – 15 September 2012 (11 December 2011)

Leona Lewis
Alexandra Burke
Robbie Williams
Tinie Tempah

Presenter(s) Ant & Dec
Co-presenter(s) Caroline Flack
Broadcaster ITV
Finals venue Wembley Arena



JAT in 2012. Clockwise from the top Ryan, Andrew, Tom, James & Jake

Origin Burton upon Trent, England
Song "Hall of Fame"
Genre(s) Pop, R&B, Hip Hop
Girls Aloud

This was the first ever series of the Celebrity X Factor it started on July 14 and concluded on September 15. The acts were already professional singers so didn't have a mentor.

Unlike the normal X Factor the acts wouldn't have mentors any every week would perform one of their own songs. There were also no auditions as only 16 acts would agree to take part. Four male singles, four female, four girl groups and four boy bands. The judges were Leona Lewis, Alexandra Burke, Robbie Williams and Tinie Tempah who would all critique the acts and would decide who would leave at the end of each week the judges were different to the actual judges as they were all competing. The only rules were each act had to sing their own songs each week and the acts couldn't have competed on X Factor regular series before.

The actual performances would be on Saturday night with the results on Sunday night as like the normal X Factor.

James Harrison the head judge and creator of The X Factor decided to get professionals to do a series before Series 9. The final of the celebrity version aired on the 15 September with Series 9 of the original series airing on the 22nd September.

The order would be one act from each category would be eliminated in Week 1 with just one act going in each week from then on. As Andrew Collins the normal host was competing with JAT, Ant & Dec took over the presenting the Xtra Factor would air on ITV2 as normal with Caroline Flack.



  • Pink - Eliminated
  • Bronze - Third
  • Silver - Second
  • Gold - First
Category (mentor) Acts
Boys Justin Bieber
(Week 4)
Cee Lo Green
(Week 9)
(Week 1)
Flo Rida
(Week 5)
Girls Adele
(Week 8)
Pixie Lott
(Week 10)
Sophie Harrison
(Week 7)
(Week 1)
Girl Groups Sugababes
(Week 3)
Girls Aloud Spice Girls
(Week 6)
Dixie Chicks
(Week 1)
Boy Bands The Script
(Week 1)
JAT Maroon 5
(Week 5)
(Week 2)


Week 1Edit

One act from each category was eliminated

Act Order Song Result
Justin Bieber 1 "Baby" Safe
Adele 2 "Someone Like You" Safe
Sugababes 3 "Round Round" Safe
The Script 4 "We Cry" Eliminated
Cee Lo Green 5 "Crazy" Safe
Pixie Lott 6 "Boys and Girls" Safe
Girls Aloud 7 "Something Kinda Ooooh" Safe
JAT 8 "Earthquake" Safe
Will.I.Am 9 "3 Words" Eliminated
Sophie Harrison 10 "Forgetful" Safe
Spice Girls 11 "Wannabe" Safe
Maroon 5 12 "One More Night" Safe
Flo Rida 13 "Whistle" Safe
Rihanna 14 "Diamonds" Eliminated
Dixie Chicks 15 "You Were Mine" Eliminated
Lawson 16 "When She was Mine" Safe

Week 2Edit

Act Order Song Result
Flo Rida 1 "Low" Bottom two
Adele 2 "Skyfall" Safe
Sophie Harrison 3 "Break Down" Safe
Spice Girls 4 "2 Become 1" Safe
Lawson 5 "Taking over Me" Bottom two
Maroon 5 6 "This Love" Safe
Cee Lo Green 7 "Forget You!" Safe
Pixie Lott 8 "Gravity" Safe
Girls Aloud 9 "The Promise" Safe
JAT 10 "What About Now?" Safe
Justin Bieber 11 "Boyfriend" Safe
Sugababes 12 "Red Dress" Safe
Final showdown details
Lawson 1 "Standing in the Dark" Eliminated
Flo Rida 2 "Right Round" Safe

Votes to eliminated

  • Lewis: Lawson
  • Burke: Flo Rida
  • Williams: Lawson
  • Tinie: Lawson

Week 3Edit

Act Order Song Result
JAT 1 "Eruption" Safe
Maroon 5 2 "Sunday Morning" Safe
Sugababes 3 "Wear My Kiss" Bottom two
Girls Aloud 4 "Sound of the Underground" Safe
Spice Girls 5 "Spice Up You Life" Safe
Adele 6 "Chasing Pavements" Safe
Pixie Lott 7 "Broken Arrow" Bottom two
Sophie Harrison 8 "42" Safe
Justin Bieber 9 "Never Say Never" Safe
Cee Lo Green 10 "Cry Baby" Safe
Flo Rida 11 "Who Dat Girl" Safe
Final showdown details
Sugababes 1 "Push the Button" Eliminated
Pixie Lott 2 "Turn It Up" Safe

Votes to Eliminate

  • Tinie: Sugababes
  • Williams: Sugababes
  • Burke: Sugababes

Week 4Edit

Act Order Song Result
Girls Aloud 1 "Something New" Safe
Flo Rida 2 "Turn Around (" Safe
Justin Bieber 3 "Mistletoe" Bottom two
JAT 4 "Amazed" Safe
Maroon 5 5 "Makes Me Wonder" Bottom two
Cee Lo Green 6 "Wildflower" Safe
Adele 7 "Set Fire to the Rain" Safe
Spice Girls 8 "Say You'll Be There" Safe
Sophie Harrison 9 "Never Go" Safe
Pixie Lott 10 "What Do You Take Me For?" Safe
Final showdown details
Justin Bieber 1 "One Time" Eliminated
Maroon 5 2 "Harder to Breathe" Safe

Votes to eliminated

  • Lewis: Justin Bieber
  • Williams: Maroon 5
  • Tinie: Justin Bieber
  • Burke: Justin Bieber

Week 5Edit

For this week the act with the least votes would be eliminated straight away then the next two least acts would have a final showdown and a vote from the judges.

Act Order Song Result
Flo Rida 1 "Elevator" Bottom three
Adele 2 "Rolling in the Deep" Safe
Girls Aloud 3 "Everest" Safe
Maroon 5 4 "Daylight" Eliminated
Pixie Lott 5 "Mama Do (Uh Oh, Uh Oh)" Safe
Sophie Harrison 6 "Later" Bottom three
Cee Lo Green 7 "It's Ok" Safe
Spice Girls 8 "Too Much" Safe
JAT 9 "Wake Up Call" Safe
Final showdown details
Flo Rida 1 "Good Feeling" Eliminated
Sophie Harrison 2 "Floorfiller" Safe

Votes to eliminate

  • Burke: Flo Rida
  • Williams: Flo Rida
  • Tinie: Flo Rida

Week 6Edit

Act Order Song Result
Spice Girls 1 "Viva Forever" Bottom two
Cee Lo Green 2 "Bright Lights Bigger City" Safe
Girls Aloud 3 "Sound of the Underground" Safe
Pixie Lott 4 "Get Me" Safe
JAT 5 "No Love" Safe
Adele 6 "Hometown Glory" Bottom two
Sophie Harrison 7 "Housefire" Safe
Final showdown details
Spice Girls 1 "Too Much" Eliminated
Adele 2 "Cold Shoulder" Safe

Votes to eliminate

  • Lewis: Spice Girls
  • Burke: Spice Girls
  • Williams: Spice Girls

Week 7Edit

In week 7 the acts performed songs from films. The final showdown songs didn't have to be film songs.

Act Order Song Film Result
Cee Lo Green 1 "Licence to Kill" Licence to Kill Bottom two
Adele 2 "Skyfall" Skyfall Safe
Sophie Harrison 3 "Another Way to Die" Quantam of Solace Bottom two
JAT 4 "Man For All Seasons" Johnny English Safe
Girls Aloud 5 "Jump" Love Actually Safe
Pixie Lott 6 "My Heart Will Go On" Titanic Safe
Final showdown details
Sophie Harrison 1 "Changes" Eliminated
Cee Lo Green 2 "Anyway" Safe

Votes to eliminate

  • Burke: Cee Lo Green
  • Williams: Cee Lo Green
  • Tinie: Sophie Harrison
  • Lewis: Sophie Harrison
  • Deadlock: 3.1% voted for Sophie Harrison, 3.7% voted for Cee Lo Green, Sophie Harrison was eliminated

Week 8Edit

From Week 8 acts would have to perform twice with the phone lines opening after the first round of performances.

Act Order First song Order Second song Result
JAT 1 "Fly or Die" 6 "More Than You'll Ever Know" Safe
Adele 2 "Turning Tables" 7 "Rumour Has It" Bottom two
Pixie Lott 3 "Journey" 8 "Fantasy" Bottom two
Cee Lo Greem 4 "Fool for You" 9 "Born to be Wild" Safe
Girls Aloud 5 "Long Hot Summer" 10 "Whole Lotta History" Safe
Final showdown details
Adele 1 "One and Only" Eliminated
Pixie Lott 2 "Cannonball" Safe

Votes to eliminate

  • Burke: Adele
  • Tinie: Adele
  • Lewis: Adele

Week 9Edit

In week 9 there was no final showdown the act with the least votes was eliminated automatically

Act Order First song Order Second song Result
Cee Lo Green 1 "I'll Be Around" 5 "The One" Eliminated
JAT 2 "No Regrets" 6 "Fire in My Heart" Safe
Pixie Lott 3 "No Change" 8 "Apocalypse" Safe
Girls Aloud 4 "The Show" 7 "Love Machine" Safe

Week 10 - FinalEdit

14 September

Act Order First song Order Second song (duet) Result
Girls Aloud 1 "Wake Me Up" 4 "Walk This Way" (with Sugababes) Safe
JAT 2 "Misery" 5 "Payphone" (with Eminem) Safe
Pixie Lott 3 "Beautiful World" 6 "A Bridge to Far" (with Skylar Grey) Third place

15 September

Act Order First song Order Second song Order Third song Result
Girls Aloud 1 "On Your Own" 3 "Friday the 13th" 5 "I Won't Ever Let The Sun Go Down on You" Runner-up
JAT 2 "4 Seasons" 4 "The Flood" 6 "Hall of Fame" Winner